We Believe in Quality

Why don’t you become an Art with your body and tattoos?

nemore tattoo & body pıercıng

My Story

I love painting, creative designs and drawings since childhood. When I was very young, I was drawing on people’s bodies with pencils. I graduated from Fine Arts High School. I received Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics and Graphic Design education in high school. I studied at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramics. I have received various drawing and design trainings for many years. I have been a Professional Tattoo and Piercing Artist for over 5 years. Professional Tattoo Artists from entering Turkey as successful in the examination which was held by the Ministry of Education, I gained Certificate of Mastery.


Quality, Expertise, Mouth- Watering Goodness

Our Vision & Mission

Nemore Tattoo aims to offer the most unusual designs for its customers. The quality of the work will result in satisfied customers. Our customers who want tattoos have expectations of the tattoo artist to produce and creative designs. This is why we, as Nemore Tattoo, will continue to meet the expectations of you, our customers. We aim for everyone who wants to have their own artwork and leave here with a smile.


Our Tattoo & Personilazed Design Service

  • Ensuring that clients have the necessary ID and making sure they have no allergies or medical issues
  • Consulting with clients to identify what type of design they want
  • Creating artwork based on the client’s requirements and wishes
  • Sterilising all equipment and maintaining a clean environment
  • Tracing the finalised design onto the client’s skin (this can be done freehand or by using a transfer)
  • Preparing vegan tattoo inks
  • Applying the tattoo
  • Providing detailed aftercare instructions
  • Again sterilising all equipment and maintaining a clean environment
  • Ordering new vegan tattoo inks, machine heads, needles, and gloves
  • Given the nature of the role, artistic talent and creativity are essential to become a tattoo artist. After all, tattooing is an art form.


“Five Stars!”

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