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Deciding to get a tattoo is a very long process, because making the right choice can be among the toughest decisions in the world, as we will make our body lasting! It is also important to work with the right tattoo artist in hygienic conditions.

After all these conditions are met, you should choose a special tattoo for you that you will carry on your body and you will not regret it. If you are undecided, tell us your story and we will draw!

100% vegan inks

Our Some Works

The paint and materials we use are completely nature friendly. you can review some of the works we have done here.

Why are Vegan Inks and Sterilized Place important?

Forging has been done by different nations for different purposes for centuries, sometimes these goals have been in contradiction with each other and sometimes showed similarities. Contrary to what we are doing now for the purpose of aesthetic appearance, sometimes tattoos made to show the crime, sometimes the status, are made in almost every society for the purpose of aesthetic appearance only, to reflect the thoughts and feelings in us, and sometimes to bring a memory, and sometimes to bring luck. In this case, it is very important to sterilize all tattoos made for pleasure. Because besides the increase day by day, model selections cause more needle strokes. Therefore, thanks to a clean and sterilized environment, there will be no risk of microbes and a healthy art will be revealed. If we ask ourselves why vegan ink? The reason for this is that due to the pleasure and visual purposes, it is no longer contributing to animal damage and turning towards natural products.


Sterilized Place

The sterile field is the environment where sterile instruments are prepared and sterilized. Tattooing, Piercing and tattoo & piercing care should be done in sterile rooms.


Vegan Ink

Vegan Inks are inks made with natural ingredients without harming any animal.


Tattooing or Permanent Makeup

Tattoo is a work of art drawn on the body together with ink, using a sharp tattoo needle like a pen, usually made of surgical steel.



Piercing is a type of accessory that is attached to the body’s fat layer, pierced with the help of a needle.



Vegan Inks

All the materials we use are vegan materials. While we leave permanent marks on your body, we do not hurt anyone and we love nature.

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